About us

Pavel Zaleski: builderPavel Záleský began the production of cycling frames in the early 90's of the last century in his own small workshop. He quickly established himself as one of the leading specialist producers, supplying custom-made frames to several professional teams and riders, and to small distributors at home and abroad.



Pavel Záleský: riderLucas frames have a racing pedigree, stemming from Pavel's own experience as a competitive cyclist. He began racing in 1972 for TJ Jiskra Holice. After successful years in the junior and under 23 categories he joined, in 1980, the professional team ZVVZ Milevsko. He stayed with the team until the end of his career, achieving his best results in cyclocross. His professional career was cut short by a serious knee injury sustained in racing accident.

Following his professional career, Pavel remained active in cycling in various capacities, as team manager, mechanic and cycling coach. Next to his frame production business, he currently devotes most of his time to managing and coaching his daughter Lucie, a successful professional track and road cyclist.