Delivery terms:

Aluminium frames are made from Dedacciai. The approximate weight of an unpainted full alu frame is: road 1360g (52cm), cyclocross 1460g (52cm) and MTB 1600g (43cm).

Our steel road, cx and mtb frames are custom-made, using also high quality Dedacciai tubing.

This prices are basic. Prices include VAT and are without PAINTING. The price of one color paint is 1 100 CZK including prints. The price may vary according to the choice of components! Delivery time by agreement. Advance payment is non-refundable in case of order cancellation.


PRICE OF STEEL FRAMEs (Steel) Dedacciai - Columbus:




DR – Zero XL                   13 800 CZK
DR – Zero                 12 900 CZK
DR – Zero  Superleggera  13 400 CZK
DR – Zero  Adamantis      13 700 CZK
DR – Zero Uno             8 200 CZK
Superlegeera ( Mufny Fleuer DE LYS )             29 000 CZK
Columbus Cromor SINGELSPEED           8 200 CZK
Columbus Zona           11 300 CZK
Columbus Life           14 000 CZK
Columbus Spirit           17 550 CZK
Columbus MAX           18 000 CZK
Fork ( Fleuer DE LYS )  6 000 CZK
Fork 3 000 CZK
Head tube: integrated (extra fee) 600 CZK
Head tube: tappered (extra fee) 2 000 CZK


The frames are soldered butt high-strength solder. We soldering the frames to the mufen (lugs) too.

CZ In the Czech Republic and elsewhere, contact us.